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Amphibious dredgers

DRAFLOW DRM (Multi-Purpose) series represents a step over on approach of dredging technique.  The extreme mobility in any kind of swamp and the full floatability, allow to reach most remote location otherwise impossible to get with any other equipment.

Pumping capacity up to 400 cu.m/h with delivery distance up to 500m metres can make possible to perform works with the highest productivity ever.

The new DRAGFLOW Amphibious Dredge  (DRM85/160E22), is not only an amphibious excavators, that can easily move on the ground, but also a prefect dredge.

This new type of DRAGFLOW Dredge can easily work in every kind of conditions, even when the water level is minimum.

With the two lateral tracked floaters, it can move on the ground like standard earth moving machine and the additional central floaters allow it to float on the water surface with high stability, like standard DRAGFLOW dredges.

Furthermore, the machine can work in halfway conditions like muddy and soft soils, shallow waters and swamps, thanks to its trackshoes, made in a particular polymer material, that guarantees grip, stability and speed. The actual version on the amphibious dredge has 1,4 m trackshoes, but we are studying a version up to 2 m.

DRAGFLOW Amphibious Dredge is the only one of its kind with the RINA certification, so it's suitable for the navigation. That's why it's a dredge and not only a machine.

The Dredge can be equipped with:

- Diesel engine (260 Kw) running the hydraulic power pack

- Dredging unit composed by DRAGFLOW pumps plus two cutters

- Jet Ring System with high-pressure water jets helping the pump in the driest dredging conditions


Typical application: recovery of mine tailings in swamp, pond cleaning: anywhere you need mobility in .

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