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Dredging Hoses

The success of dredging operation depends on type and quality of delivery pipes and floaters that support the discharge line.

Dragflow provides two different types pipes:

  • Delivery flexible pipes: delivery flexible pipes, they are subjected to higher abrasion, but guarantee the most handling versatility during dredging operations.
  • Delivery surface pipes: the delivery surface pipes transport the material to the discharge place.

Dragflow offers both options according to customer-s needs and preferences.

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Technical Specifications


Softwall hose for the delivery of sand and gravel mixed with water, used as a flexible connection between sections of discharge pipe in dredging service. Possible to make with enlarged ends or with built-in rubber protected flanges.


Tube: black, smooth, SBR/NR rubber, resists abrasion and lacerations.

Reinforcement: high strength synthetic cord divided by layers of natural rubber which help maintaining the section and the flexibility.

Cover: black, smooth (wrapped finish), CR rubber, resistant to sea water, weathering and abrasion.

Temperature: from -40°C (-40°F) to +70°C (+158°F).

Length: On demand

Production: Made in Italy




Tube: hoses in High Density Polyethylene compliant with norm EN12201.  Bars with steel rotating flanges  UniEn 1092 PN10. Kit of screws and bolts for fixing.

Length: On demand

Production: Made in Italy


Diameter / Flange
100 - 4"
150 - 6"
200 - 8"
250 - 10"
300 - 12"