Off shore / Excavating heads and Tools

Electric Excavators


Electric Excavators are designed to let the pump works also in presence of very compact material.

Cutters are able to increase solid production by increasing the concentration of the slurries and permit to complete the dredging activities even in the most difficoult situations.



Dragflow Submersible Cutters features:

  • Cutting head is designed to reduce cost of wear parts thanks to interchangeable hard tooth
  • Robust electric motor gurantees strong torque and long life
  • Cutters are designed to work up to 250m working depth, handled by steel cable

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Technical Specifications

       50Hz      60Hz
Power  9kw (12HP) 10,8Kw(14,4 HP)
Rated Current  19 A 16 A
Rated Voltage 400 V - 50 Hz 400 V - 50 Hz 480 V
Rated speed  1450 rpm - 4 Poles 1750 rpm
Insulation Classe H Classe H
Power Cable  20 m (Iec 60245-4) H07RN-F 4G10 20 m (Iec 60245-4) H07RN-F 4G10
Speed  25rpm 30 rpm
Rated Torque 3240 Nm 3240 Nm
Starting Torque  10000 Nm 10000 Nm
Weight   800 Kg  800 Kg