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Jet Ring

Breake materials with the power of WATER!


High pressure water jet ring system can be used in presence of compact, very dry or clay materials.

For electric pumps it can be used as an alternative to hydraulic cutters.


This system consists of a jet ring frame, mounted on the pump filter, a high pressure centrifugal pump (available in electric and hydraulic versions), a scution hose with water filter and non-returns valve and a delivery line. 


Jet ring is also available for sea and aggressive mining water.

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Technical Specifications

Pump Type & Jet Ring System
EL5-EL12,5SS and HY24 (water flow capacity 20 m3/h, sea water)
EL25-EL35 and HY35-HY50 (water flow capacity 60 m3/h, sea water)
EL60 and HY85 (water flow capacity 100 m3/h, sea water)
EL150 and HY300-400 (water flow capacity 200 m3/h, sea water)