Mining / Cantilever pumps

Vertical pumps serie PSV


Vertical cantilever pumps designed and studied for the conveying abreasive slurries and tailings.

Vertical axis with bearings in stuffing box designed to allow the lower part of the shaft to work overhang without mountings submerged into the liquid. Bodies are in cast-iron, divided in two halves with protective lining made in our special antiwear moulded rubber (composed of interchangeable shells adjustable from outside). The impeller is anticlogging, open type composed of a steel core lined with special antiabrasive compound.

Coupling thru pulleys and trapezoidal belts (for countries with frequency Hz.60).

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Technical Specifications

Power from 4 to 55kW

Capacity from 20m3/h to 450 m3/h

Head from 5 to 30m

Max liquid level from 780mm to 1750mm