Case Histories


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Project Details

  • Location: Morocco
  • Year: 2017

Project Description

Dragflow delivered two Remote Controlled Dredgers model DRP120 and others submergible slurry pumps (EL300B, EL604B, n.2 EL60B, EL25A) to the biggest phosphate mining company in Morocco.
The problem
The customer was looking for an efficient solution for pumping processed phosphate ore tailings back to the plant for reprocessing.
Moreover, the dredging operations was necessary in order to maintain the required water capacity of the tailings ponds.
Our solution
The two electric dredges model DRP120 are working inside two tailing dams and both are equipped with an EL1204B dredging pump performing 400m3/h as well as a water jets system to help break the settled material and increase the overall efficiency of the process.
The proposed solution proved to be the most reliable proposal due to its compact construction, ease of use and the robustness that characterizes Dragflow pumps around the world.
The dredges are only the beginning of the slurry transport system which involves other three Dragflow heavy duty submersible pumps, including one EL300B (325 HP) pump with a capacity of 720m3/h.