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Project Details

  • Location: Azerbaijan
  • Year: 2017

Project Description

The problem
An important offshore drilling company was in need of a special equipment: they had to deal with a dense mixture. The task was hard because salinity and high depth represent huge technical challenges for dredging operations.

Our solution
We provided a special dredging tool made of one hydraulic pump HY85/160, four hydraulic cutters EXHY20 and one submersible hydraulic jetting pump HY50.

We helped the client to setup the system: first with a dry test of all the machines, then with a test in water.
The system proved absolutely fit to work in seawater (average salinity 30g/l) and pump an abrasive mixture (average density 1,35 ton/m3).
The working depth was of 140m: a real challenge, but we won our bet!