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Project Details

  • Location: Italy
  • Year: 2016

Project Description

The landfill of the hydroelectric reservoirs has become a widespread phenomenon.

The managing bodies find great difficulty in keeping the works of unloading and derivation functional with the traditional methodologies that can be expensive or not respectful of the environmental constraints.

The problem

The final client was in need of an efficient equipment to secure the maintenance of an hydropower reservoir.

The considerable difference in level (working depth up to 50 m) and the type of the mixture (composed by silt, sand, and a small amount of gravel) required durable and reliable equipment.

Our solution

We provided a complete package to properly address the task: hydraulic pump HY85/160B - equipped with side cutters EXHY20 and jet ring - and diesel power pack.

To guarantee the correct functioning of the system, we assisted the client in the installation and testing of the equipment:

- dry assembly of side cutters on the main pump

- dry test of all the machines

- test in water without discharge pipe

- connection of discharge hose

- test of the diesel power pack

- mounting of the Dragflow equipement on the exhisting pontoon

Our solution proved to be efficient and fit to the complex working environment. Another challenge won thanks to our know-how and our desire to always get the best result for the end customer!