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Project Details

  • Location: Iran
  • Year: 2019

Project Description

Working Context description

The project is the development of a big port in south of Iran by Diaphragm Wall Construction method to construct permanent in-situ impermeable barriers with depth of 40m and length more than one kilometer.

In diaphragm wall construction when grab cuts the soil and makes the panels, at the same time bentonite mud should be pumped into trenches in order to support the surrounding wall and preventing of collapse.

The problem

To have continues flow of bentonite, it is required to pump back the bentonite mud from the bottom of excavated wall to generator system and removing sand, gravel and other materials (recycle).

Pumping very heavy mixture from depth of 40m was customer’s two concerns which not possible through available solutions. 

Our solution

Dragflow solutions was 6 heavy duty electric pumps type EL20SS equipped with Pressure Compensator System for 60m depth to provide trouble free application for recycling bentonite.