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Dragflow cable dredge for mining project

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Project Details

  • Location: Indonesia
  • Year: 2015

Project Description

Working Context description

Dragflow supplied a DRH dredge to a large, surface mine operation, primarily producing copper and small amounts of gold and silver. The mine located in the southwest region of the island of Sumbawa, in the District of Sekongkang, West Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia.

The problem

The customer was looking for a complete dredging equipment, diesel driven, capable to create and handle high concentration slurry, to be place in the open pit mine. The project porpoise is to pump the settled material from the bottom of the tailing pond to a higher part of the mine in order to maintain the required water capacity.

The water inside the pond comes from the mining plant and the solution is acid (around PH 3).

Our solution

The Dragflow solution was a DRH Dredge equipped with pump HY85/160HC plus cutters EXHY20 and supplied with an acid resistant package. The dredging unit is able to pump up to 800 m3/h of mixture with high solid concentration and up to a distance of more than 500m.

The low PH package consists in:

  • Hull with anti-corrosion protection by using epoxy-tar-polyamide paint and cathode protection made of zinced-coated sacrificial anodes welded on the structure
  • Dredging unit exterior painted with epoxy-tar-polyamide based product and with bolts and nuts in stainless steel;
  • METALINE coating inside volute and discharge adaptor
  • Fresh water pump provided to flush seals pack (inclusive of 4.000 lit. tank integrated in the hull)