Electric pumps

Endurance and performance for unparalleled results

Our submersible pumps with agitator for charged and abrasive mixtures are market leaders thanks to their unbeatable resistance. Their characteristics make them irreplaceable allies in the industrial and mining fields.

Also available in Acid Proof version for acid environments.

Main features:

  • Pump provided of agitator to stir things up
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Low rotation speed
  • Able to handle up to 70% per weight material density

Small pumps

The smallest Dragflow range: portable pumps with unbeatable power and resistance.

Medium pumps

Versatile and mobile. The Dragflow mid-range covers a huge variety of heads and flows

Big pumps

Dragflow is here to help you with the right machine for those massive dredging projects.

Cutting systems

Designed to make our dredging systems even more effective and performing