Hydraulic pumps

Versatility, endurance and efficiency for unparalleled results

Our submersible pumps with agitator for charged and abrasive mixtures are market leaders thanks to their unbeatable resistance.

Their characteristics make them irreplaceable allies in dredging but also in the industrial and mining sector, as well as in custom projects.

Hydraulic pumps can cover a very large work area: you can adjust the speed according to the characteristics of the mixture to be pumped.

Main features:

  • Pump with agitator for lifting and transporting solid material (up to 70% solid weight)
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Possibility of mounting on excavators
  • Wide choice of accessories (side excavators, dredging head and many others)
  • Also available in High Head and High Capacity versions to guarantee exceptional results in any context.

Small pumps

Medium pumps

Big pumps

Cutting systems