2015 ITALY

Project description

A system consisting of three hydraulic pumps with excavators was the protagonist of a low environmental impact dam dredging. Here are all the details.

The problem

The customer’s request was to desludge the area of ​​the bottom drain and the intake of a dam in the province of Udine. The quantity of material to be removed was impressive (30,000 m3 of clayey silt material). Furthermore, it was necessary to preserve the surrounding ecosystem avoiding that the works made the water too cloudy, endangering life in the basin.

The solution

DRAGFLOW proposed a low environmental impact system consisting of an anti-turbidity bell inside which three HY85/160 hydraulic pumps with side cutters were placed. The pumps were also equipped with a jet ring to break up the clay material present on the bottom.

This solution made it possible to work at sustained rates (removal of 1400 m3 / day) without compromising the delicate environmental balance.

The system is able to work easily at a depth of 50 meters, furthermore operations can also take place with the dam in operation.