2016 ITALY

Project description

Dragflow supplied the equipment to carry out dredging works at a dam in Italy.

Sediment accumulation in hydroelectric basins has now become a widespread phenomenon and jeopardizes both the capacity and the correct functioning of the plants.

The managing bodies find it difficult to keep the unloading and derivation works functional with traditional methodologies that can be expensive or not respectful of environmental constraints.

The problem

The end customer needed efficient equipment for dredging works within the hydroelectric basin.
The significant difference in level and type of mixture (composed of silt, sand and a small amount of gravel) required resistant and reliable equipment.

The solution

We have provided a complete package to correctly tackle the task: HY85/160B hydraulic pump equipped with EXHY20 side cutters and jet rings, diesel power pack
Furthermore, to ensure the correct functioning of the system, we assisted the end customer in the installation and testing of the equipment:

  • dry assembly of excavators on the main pump
  • dry test of all machines
  • water test without drain hose
  • drain hose connection
  • diesel engine test
  • assembly of Dragflow equipment on the existing pontoon

Our solution has proven efficient and suitable for the complex working environment. Another challenge won thanks to our know-how and our desire to always obtain the best result for the end customer!