2017 IRAN

Project description

An important Iranian company has asked Dragflow for a hydraulic pump to be coupled to an excavator, for the preliminary dredging of the construction of a port in the area of ​​Jask, in the Persian Gulf, southern Iran.

The problem

Before turning to DRAGFLOW, dredging took place with an excavator with long extendable arm, placed on a barge.

But the operations were proceeding too slowly: more effectiveness was needed. We therefore proposed the Dragflow HY85/160HC hydraulic pump equipped with a DTM85 cutter head, connected to the arm of a CAT345. This proved to be the winning choice for customer needs.

The solution

The Dragflow dredging unit has guaranteed a daily production of about 280m3 of solid material (working 10-11 hours a day), with the unloading at 1 km distance from the barge.

The possibility of mounting the hydraulic pump on the excavator arm made it possible to take advantage of the equipment already present on site, greatly increasing the efficiency and speed of the work.

In four months 25,000 cubic meters of dry sand were dredged: proof that the HY85 / 160HC pump with a dredging head was truly the ideal tool for this job!