Project description

DRAGFLOW has supplied a remote controlled dredge in Switzerland: the customer is a large company, leader in processing aggregates for concrete, cement and asphalt production, with facilities in 90 countries.

The problem

The customer was looking for an efficient solution to remove the sediments from the tailing pond, fed by the aggregates washing plant.

The solution

DRAGFLOW supplied a Remote Controlled Dredge model DRP120, equipped with the electric pump EL1204 plus two electric excavators EXEL20.

Our dredging system is unique due to the compact dimensions that still guarantee optimal performances. The dredge can be assembled on shore and launched completely mounted (including pump and excavators) thanks to the dedicated lifting points.

Here are some of the main features of the DRAGFLOW radio-controlled dredge:

  • Based on the customer’s request, the Dragflow dredge can be controlled remotely with a wireless joystick or by an operator on board through the electrical panel that includes a PLC capable of supervising all the parameters and the position of the dredge during the operation.
  • The movements of the pontoon inside the basin are carried out by means of a system of four winches with steel cables 110 meters long.
  • In the event that the side excavators are blocked by too compact material or by bulky submerged objects, these can be automatically unlocked by the PLC system by reversing the direction of rotation of the milling heads.
  • The dredging unit can also work partially out of the water thanks to a special water cooling system.
  • The dredger is also equipped with a Jet Ring system with high pressure water jets around the pump suction to break up the bottom even if the water level is minimal.