DRF Dragflow minidredge

DRAGFLOW launches the new DRF series of mini dredges

From the listening of the market and from the requests of the customers new ideas and new products are often born. This is how we had the idea to develop the DRF series.

Made up of different models of versatile and economical mini dredgers, this new product is our answer to an increasingly widespread need: that of being able to have small pontoons, very easy to transport and assemble, at a reduced cost.

Available in DRF10, DRF30, DRF50 and DRF80 versions, they can mount pumps up to the DRAGFLOW EL20 model.


  • Ultra-compact dimensions: they can be transported and assembled simply. Totally dismountable and easy to re-assemble.
  • Thanks to the small draft they can also be used in shallow basins.
  • Customizable according to specific customer requests.

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