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I am proud to be able to share with ENEL technicians the experience gained over years of collaboration with DRAGFLOW in the removal of sediments from artificial reservoirs, in Italy and worldwide.

Ing. Francesco Galante – DRAGFLOW

DRAGFLOW participates in the CEI Course organized by ITCOLD in Milan

Hydroelectric plants: DRAGFLOW shares its long experience at ICOLD training

Dam safety and reservoir silting. These are the topics that will be addressed in the training organized by ITCOLD, the National Committee for Large Dams, aimed at ENEL technicians, scheduled in Milan on October 31 and November 15. Dragflow, thanks to the intervention of the engineer Francesco Galante, will bring his national and international experience in the removal of sediments from artificial reservoirs.

“I am proud to be able to share the experience gained over years of working with DRAGFLOW with the ENEL technicians – comments engineer. Galante – precisely in the removal of sediments from artificial reservoirs, in Italy and in the world. The issue of the interruption of artificial reservoirs is very important and has become increasingly important due to the obvious climate changes “.

Safety and efficiency of the dams and associated works fall by right among the founding goals of ITCOLD. “In addition to the classic activities to achieve the aforementioned objectives – comments the engineer Giovanni Ruggeri, president of ITCOLD – we have long recognized the importance of training actions aimed at engineers and technicians working in the dam sector. Therefore, in agreement with the Authority (General Direction of Dams), we have designed a training initiative that will also count with the dissemination of the best skills and experience “.

The involvement of ITCOLD in the training program that ENEL has always carried out for its technicians represents an important stimulus for the operational start-up of training initiatives aimed at other Dealers, especially the smaller ones, “often not equipped with technical facilities of adequate experience and specialization “.

Among the topics of certain interest for training are the safety and control of dams in emergency conditions (seismic, hydrological and hydraulic) as well as the sedimentation of tanks and the most suitable techniques and technologies to deal with it.

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