Dragflow has joined forces with Henning Marine
and acquired new technologies to ensure even more effective fight against aquatic pollution

Dragflow, a world leader in solid pumping solutions and dredging equipment, signs off an asset deal with Henning Marine, a world-renowned producer of aquatic maintenance equipment, for transferring the technology to deal with even the most complex challenges of water pollution.

Prudent waterway maintenance – without chemicals

Water is a precious resource that requires precise and highest technologies to remove pollutants from even its deepest layers. As pollution increases, some companies use chemicals, which causes oxygen depletion and fish kill. In order to avoid the long-term negative impact of chemicals on marine life and the aquatic environment – Dragflow proposes new tech solutions, acquired in cooperation with Henning Marine. Henning Marine offers the most modern and versatile weed and plant harvesting systems and machines necessary to practice efficient and prudent waterway maintenance – without chemicals. It offers a complete line of marine skimmer boat systems to collect unwanted pollutions & return the open water ways back to life. That is why Dragflow, which has been creating innovative pumps and dredging systems since the 80’, decided to join forces with Henning Marine to expand its offer and broaden their portfolio with new model machines: Dragflow Waste Collector: DRW – F (where “F” is standing for Floating), Dragflow Waste Collector: DRW – A (where “A” is standing for Amphibious) and Dragflow Multigator – DRG

New models of Dragflow waste collection machines

The DRW -F machine is an innovative multi-purpose water management boat, dedicated for waste collection. Its modular design makes it option-ready. It’s made of marine aluminum, stainless steel hulls and none-corrosive materials. Catamaran hull provides the maximum stability – its hydro-dynamic shape allows top operating and excellent sprint capability. It’s designed with a twin hydraulic propulsion system with independently proportionate l helix propellers. Proportionate bi-directional controls plus power steering allows perfect quarter maneuvering. DRW-F model is equipped in an vertically power lifted propellers, which allow navigation in shallow water.

The waste collector DRW – A is a catamaran vessel with an aluminum construction, designed for superior cutting, transit speed and unmatched stability. Its horizontal cutters are recessed to prevent weed losses. Aluminum constructed bridges are easily dropped for low clearance underpasses during all modes of operation & transport. It provides a perfect 360° visibility for the operator. The machine has a kick-back suspension to prevent underwater impact damage – no wrap, weed free, heavy duty helix propellers. Engine and central hydraulic system is located on deck far away from the operator for low noise level. It has a lower maintenance cost and an easy access from dock and on board. The DRW-F model also provides a high combined performance, compared to equally-sized other weed harvesters and skimmers.


 The DRG Multigator: is an amphibious dredge model that features a multi-purpose solution for dredging solids with superior operation efficiency, combining a high-mobility hull with the versatility of a hydraulic arm for dredging and rehabilitation operations. With the DRG dredgers it is possible to perform operations in shallow draft areas where a high level of mobility is required, using different tools such as dredging pump, bucket, rake, and more!

‘Developing a strong collaboration with our partners has been a part of our strategy. Beyond creating world-class new solutions, we want to explore ways to bring the most advanced practices from around the world to face the environmental challenges of constantly evolving sectors: from dredging to industry, from mining to offshore. We are very excited to partner with Henning Marine, as they has a wide and longtime experience in the field of the weed and trash collector. We know that since a long time they were looking for the right company to transfer its knowledge expertise and experiences. By acquiring their technologies, we can provide them with confidence that their experience will be properly followed. We believe this transaction will allow us to expand our business with existing and new customers by selling additional high-performance waste collector products. We hope this is just the beginning of our cooperation with Henning Marine to create a sustainable aquatic environment.’ – says Nicola Masotti, General Manager of Dragflow.


Dragflow is a world leader in solid pumping solutions with over 25 years of experience in manufacturing dredging equipments. With its distribution network around the world Dragflow is able to give consultancy, service and assistance worldwide. The company’s team constantly works to find new technological solutions for improving performances of its products and optimizing sustainable operations. Almost 5% of the company’s turnover is invested in research and development, making Dragflow one of the most attentive to technological innovation of products. Today they are globally known for being one of the pumps and dredging systems producers more committed to technological innovation and providing customized solutions to deal with even the most complex challenges with the right equipment.


HENNING MARINE is world-renowned with over 50 years of experience building and supplying aquatic maintenance equipment – weed harvesters, skimmer boats, floating, amphibious and stationary aquatic machinery. Having worked with both private and public sector customers, they have delivered successful products related to all aspects of open water and aquatic weed management. They are using their extensive knowledge to create the most advanced and durable technology for our weed harvesters and trash skimmers. HENNING MARINE offers the most modern and versatile weed and plant harvesting systems so their clients have the machines necessary to practice efficient and prudent waterway maintenance – without chemicals. Floating trash, debris & plastic islands are taking over waterways & coast lines, hurting & killing fish, sea birds, whales & all types of mammal sea life. Thus the company offers a complete line of marine skimmer boat systems to collect these unwanted materials & return the open water ways back to life.