grandi pompe idrauliche

If you’re going big, we are going big too: our new hydraulic pumps 400-600HC and 600HH

When it comes to research and development, we are never resting.
In the last 6 months Dragflow has developed the new hydraulic pumps to meet the requirements of our clients.

These are the main features of our hydraulic dredge pumps:

  • all pumps have a standard high efficiency agitator to lift settled solids;
  • high abrasion resistance with high crome wear parts;
  • low rotation speed to reduce wear effect;
  • able to handle up to 70% solids by weight;
  • easy installation on the boom of hydraulic excavators.

In addition to that, our new models can meet the very specific needs of companies that are going big and are looking for the right machinery to support them.

grandi pompe idrauliche

HY400 – 600 HC is a new high capacity model: it can guarantee a capacity up to 3000 m3/h and 5 bar as maximum head. Great capacity, great efficiency for great results!

HY 600 HH is a new high head model: it offers a head up to 100 m with 1000 m3/h capacity and it is well suited for dredging works dealing with high depth issues.

Both models can be provided with a very short delivery time and can be equipped with side cutters.

In case you need more informations just contact our offices: our team is willing to grow with you!

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