Versatility, power and quality made in Italy

Maritime and river dredging, infrastructure maintenance, cleaning of mining basins, industrial processes: these are just some of the applications for which Dragflow has provided effective and cutting-edge solutions.

From the smallest to the most imposing dredgers, each product is designed to be suitable for customer requests.

Our range of dredgers allows us to face any type of operation with the security of having the best technology available and of being able to count on impeccable customer service.

This is confirmed by the many satisfied customers who have used our dredging systems, testing the quality of the products and the readiness of our global network.

DRH Series

Cable dredges

DRH cable dredges can operate everywhere thanks to the easy transport and assembly. Available in different versions, they are the ideal solution when you need handy and efficient machinery. Not even the densest mixture can resist!

draga radiocomandata

DRP Series

Remote controlled dredges

Small size but great performance. And a great attention to safety, thanks to the ability to automate operations and to remotely manage the whole dredging system. The DRP series is a concentrate of technology and effectiveness.


Amphibious dredges

A tracked but completely floating vehicle, which moves at ease between water and solid or muddy soils: this is the revolution of amphibious dredgers. Stable and powerful, thanks to the DRAGFLOW pumps they can pump even the most difficult mixtures.