Stay Tuned, Dragflow has joined forces with Henning
Marine and acquired new technologies to ensure an even more effective fight against aquatic pollution.

Dragflow, a world leader in solid pumping solutions and dredging equipment, signs off an asset deal with Henning Marine, a world-renowned producer of aquatic maintenance equipment. This transfer of experience and expertise will allow Dragflow to continue the tradition of Henning Marine.

HENNING MARINE is world-renowned with over 50 years of experience in building and supplying aquatic maintenance equipment – weed harvesters, skimmer boats, floating, amphibious and stationary aquatic machinery. Having worked with both private and public sector customers, they have delivered successful products related to all aspects of open water and aquatic weed and debris management. Henning Marine has been using its extensive knowledge to create the most advanced and durable technology and today, with Dragflow, they are making the perfect match to continue delivering solutions for the aquatic and marine environment.

‘Developing a strong collaboration with our partners has been a part of our strategy. Beyond creating world-class new solutions, we want to explore ways to bring the most advanced practices from around the world to face the environmental challenges of constantly evolving sectors.

11.09.2022, Roverbella, Italy