Dragflow: the new website is online

dragflow nuovo sito

A new way of communicating with its potential customers and distributors on the national and international territory. This is the goal and commitment of Dragflow which culminated in the creation of the new responsive website (www.dragflow.it), a reference point for companies that, operating in different sectors, from dredging to industry, from construction sites to mines, need complete dredging systems or electric and hydraulic pumps for their projects.

In a historical period like the one we are facing, whereas it is difficult, if not impossible in most cases, to travel and to organize business trips on the national and international territory, we have thought about the way we can make feel the presence of Dragflow to our customers, agents and distributors.

Hence, the study and design of a new website that could break down physical barriers and allow us to communicate, present news and keep in touch over time with punctuality and precision.

The new version of the company website is part of a wider communication and marketing restyling operation that is involving the information material consisting of paperworks and digital catalogs (company profile, monotematic catalog on remote control dredging), brochures in digital format dedicated to individual applications, as well as communication on the company’s social networks (LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter).

A more versatile, dynamic and simple to navigate website and enriched by the presence of an “internal search engine” designed to facilitate the search for products, systems and applications through the insertion of keywords.

In order to make communication with distributors and customers or potential ones even more fluid, several one-to-one available tools have been studied:

– Activation of videocall services such as Skype and Zoom

– Enhancement of instant messaging services as well as the chatbot service

– Provision of a reserved area for communications with distributors as well as with customers also in the after-sales phase for the exchange of materials

The section dedicated to the case histories has also been enhanced with a rich range of applications and products at work in the most disparate situations, as well as the possibility of deepening the technical aspects of products and dredging systems thanks to catalogs and technical sheets present in the download area of ​​the site and in the sections dedicated to the products.

On the website there is also a recall to the Dewatering Service rental division to meet the needs of customers interested in the rental of equipment for dredging and drainage works.

The new website, currently online in the Italian and English versions, will also be available in French, Spanish and Russian in the coming months to offer users the opportunity to browse the Dragflow site in their native language.

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