Project description

The pipes of an offshore platform needed a maintenance operation; DRAGFLOW has been able to provide a completely customized solution capable of working at high depth in a marine environment.

The problem

The customer’s requirement was to unearth a variable diameter pipe from the seabed for maintenance purposes (pipeline maintenance). Subsequently, at the end of the planned operations, the pipe had to be covered with the same material.

The solution

The solution proposed, with customer satisfaction, was to create a single system that can be used in different configurations, each corresponding to a specific operational requirement.

More specifically, the equipment consists of two hydraulically operated dredging units (high-capacity pumps HY85 / 180HC), rigidly connected to each other by a steel structure, totally symmetrical and reversible, capable of operating astride the submerged pipe .

The dredging system was able to transport 400 m3/h of sand 200 m away from the pipes.

The development of ad hoc solutions such as the one created for this specific offshore platform is one of the strong points of DRAGFLOW, which has already produced several dredging systems totally customized according to customer needs.