DRAGFLOW products

We were born as pump manufacturers, we have grown as reliable partners. With our products, we can provide the optimal solution for any dredging and mud removal work.

No project is too small or too large, too simple or too ambitious for us.

In DRAGFLOW, we are used to dealing with every new request carefully, so as to provide the most suitable answer to the specific needs that are described to us.

It was precisely from listening to customers that a range of pumps, dredgers and accessories was born, capable of operating in very varied contexts: from river and harbor dredging  to the digging out of industrial basins, up to the mining and offshore sectors. All with a common denominator: Made in Italy efficiency and quality.

dragaggio porti con EL60


Heavy-duty electric and hydraulic pumps. Discover the different types of pumps in our range, available in high capacity, high head, anti-acid version and with enhanced motors.

draga radiocomandata


Complete dredging systems, full of accessories to adapt effectively to any type of project. Browse among our amphibious dredges (DRM and DRSP), remote controlled (DRP) and cable dredges (DRH): each version has specific characteristics and infinite possibilities of customization.